Sweet Sixteen Small Group

Group Leader: 

Sis. Crystal Bailey & Sis.Yana- Marisa Edwards

This Group is for: 

Girls, 13 – 16


Sweet sixteen is a mentorship initiative established  to mold and nature young ladies as they transition from teenage to adolescent. 

We know that during this stage there are many challenges that they face and we are here to help them get through it with virtue and wisdom. 

Research has shown that quality mentoring can greatly increase the chance of an individual to become successful. Having good mentors can increase their chance of doing better in school, getting into University, getting summer jobs, grants and scholarships, becoming more out-spoken and poised, developing self-confidence, discovering their gifts and talents as well as learning how to use them to serve God and others.

Our Aim:

   ❖ To challenge young ladies to become confident, well rounded, maturing ladies in a fun, exciting and adventurous                 environment. Young ladies who will represent Christ anywhere you go and in everything that you do. 
   ❖ This small group will teach young ladies how to balance your social, spiritual and academic life, and you get to do it with     your peers. 
   ❖ To tackle all the burning topics, demolishing confusion and enlightening them to function well in society.
  •  Confidence coaching
  •  Etiquette coaching
  • Elegance coaching
  • Vision board creation
  • Journaling 
  • Outreach (Joy to the neighbourhood)
  •  Teen talk
  • Culinary sessions
  • Games and entertainment
If you are a Sweet Sixteen, we want to make your transition easier!

Varies – Group members are notified of dates and events as we proceed.

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