Single Mom's Small Group

This Group is for: 

All Single Moms


The Single Mom’s Small Group is a service, outreach and empowerment arm of our local church. 

We seek to give back to the work of God by serving others. Our main events of each year includes
supporting the Annual Back to School Jam held on the last Sunday in August. We have been also hosting an annual 5K Walk/Run since 2017 in order to raise funds to buy supplies for the Back to School Event.

We are a small group that seeks to empower our members to live and thrive.

  • Group Meetings
  • Small group workshops
  • Fundraising activities
  • Service/Outreach, etc.

Varies – We update our group members via phone/email etc.

  • The Mom in Me Workshop (upcoming event)
  • Summer Picnic/Excursion (upcoming event)
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