Prophet Michael Carter

Down to Earth; Looking up to Heaven.

Pastor Michael Carter

Reverend Michael Carter, affectionately called “Prophet” or “Pastor Carter” is a hand-picked servant of God who from an early age has walked through great adversity and affliction.

His father died when he was two and his mother when he was seven years old leaving him an orphan. 

This experience was not the end, as God raised him by grace and entrusted him with an uncommon anointing and a great ministry.

He walks in the prophetic office and ministers by the gifts of the Spirit, making it look so easy. Thousands of lives have been impacted by his ministry. He believes in Isaiah 10:27 his mantra; “the burden shall be lifted and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.”

God is still doing miracles and Michael Carter Ministries and Celebration Church is proof of that.

After his ordination in Washington, USA 2005, God’s servant came home to Jamaica, choosing to pastor in his homeland. He wanted to see the principles that transformed many also being used in his country to his fellowship. As the founder and senior Pastor of the popular Celebration Church, a charismatic church with headquarters in the vibrant city of Portmore, Jamaica, he uses his academic background in Management and Information Technology to advance the Kingdom of God.

His local church exemplifies the scope of his calling as it impacts the lives of his members through specialised children, youth and adult programming.  Though his name is synonymous with personal prophecies, he is more than a prophet – he is a pastor at heart as he dedicates his time to teach and disciple young men and women to live God-centered lives. He also serves his nation as a Justice of the Peace and a Marriage Officer.

He is the author of over five books which include Don’t Give Up On The Church, Shake Yourself Loose, I’m Single But Not Desperate, The Believer’s Guide to Personal Prophecy and the very popular Fix My Life. Reverend Carter receives strength and spiritual oversight from Reverend Elias Antonas, an elder statesman in the charismatic movement.

He travels the world reminding people, “you are here for a purpose”.  Preaching and teaching weekly at The Celebration Church’s main campus in the city of Portmore, his meetings are filled with the presence of Jesus Christ and manifestations of the Holy Spirit whom the Father has sent to help us.

He is married to the lovely Kaliese Spencer-Carter. Together they make home in Portmore, Jamaica.

Pastor Carter Hosts Back To Life Retreat annually. Back to Life is a personal growth retreat where you can learn from Pastor Carter how to grow in specialized areas of life that cannot be covered in-depth in a normal message.