Real Men Meet

Group Leader: 

Bro. Jason Smith

This Group is for: 

Men, 20+


This Men’s Ministry is a small group birthed through our Senior Leader, he recognized that men needed a place where they are liberated and encouraged to talk about any and everything. Society has supressed men in general; too many of our men are losing their sense of purpose, identity and value which

inevitably will create dysfunctional families, behavioural problems in society and increased domestic violence. It is therefore imperative that we create a place where men can feel a sense of belonging and be able to express their fears and insecurities.

  • To unearth the leadership qualities in men so that they can lead their families, church
    and business effectively.
  • To help men rediscover their sense of purpose.
  • To create an environment where men can feel safe in expressing themselves.
  • To encourage brotherhood and loyalty.
  •  Bible digest
  • Domino plays off
  • Prayer
You are invited to come and fellowship with us, you will be blessed with encouraging exhortations, real life testimonies, contemporary worship music, games and surprises.

Every Friday @7:15 PM – We meet at the Celebration Portmore campus (the small section).

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