MCMI Light Youth

Light Youth

The Michael Carter Ministries Light Youth Mentorship programme is the ministry group responsible for the spiritual, emotional & somewhat psychological support of those within the body aged 13-21 years. Toward this end, there are activities scheduled & conducted to facilitate synergy and growth among the youth. These include, but are not limited to, the MCM LYM annual summer camp, the Safe House project and, occasional post service meetings.

Such activities allow the youth to freely & openly express themselves, build friendships and speak of any problems or concerns they may have as youth/young adults whether at home, school or in their personal walks with Christ.

The ministry also provides support for the parents, giving them an avenue by which they can share suggestions, challenges and concerns regarding their child/children.

Jesus Redeemer Camp 2020

This  camp is five days of God’s presence saturating the mind of youth, wisdom and mentorship, positive mindset changes and of course – fun and jokes. 
Information about JRC2020 will be here when released.

Light Youth Events

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